Enable and empower all human beings to live...

healthier, happier and longer lives

We are leading a healthcare transformation.

Imagine being able to take a drop of blood from your finger, place it into a portable device and in 10-15 minutes, test for a range of disease biomarkers, as accurately as a laboratory test, all for a few dollars.

This is the reality Osler will deliver.

One where every human being can access, understand, and improve their health.

Connor Campbell

Connor Campbell

CEO and co-founder

Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI); McKinsey & Company; University of Oxford, Medicine

Dr David Edington

Dr David Edington


CTO – VP R&D, DNAelectronics; PA Consulting Managing Consultant; Edinburgh, Physics PhD

Paul Dixon

Paul Dixon


Financial Director, Countrywide plc; KPMG; University of Oxford, Chemistry

Dr Stanislav Sokolov

Dr Stanislav Sokolov


University of Oxford, Chemistry PhD

Tom Parenteau

Tom Parenteau


Global Commercial Director, ThermoFisher Point-of-Care Diagnostics; Sr. Director, Global Product Marketing and Scientific Affairs, Alere

Sarah Pillmore

Sarah Pillmore


Vice president of Human resources at Expedia; VP HR at Fiserv; Director, Human resources, Siemens AG; CHRO of Hirtle, Callaghan & Company

Sugosh Venkataraman

Sugosh Venkataraman

Director of Engineering

Vice President, Global Electronics & Electrical systems, Internet of things, Whirlpool

Osler people...

take action

We act like owners. We drive the change we want to see; we don't wait around for things to happen.

We harness our imagination to practical problems. We ask questions, especially when it is uncomfortable to do so.

We make the path by walking. We show good judgement in complex, challenging, and ambiguous conditions.

We move fast but with compassion. We act ethically and with integrity.

We solve problems by working together. We treat each other with respect and decency.

We always find a way. We show resilience in the face of change and adapt to it quickly.

At the forefront of health tech

Osler is based on a novel approach to biosensing, developed over a decade of Oxford University research. Osler has a functioning prototype, a wealth of intellectual property, employs a world-class and experienced team, and has raised significant investment. We will decentralise diagnostics, allowing anyone, anywhere, at any time, to test for health markers of interest. We are not the first company to attempt this audacious goal, but are the first to demonstrate we can deliver it.

The team

We like to...

dream big

Osler is making the path towards a paradigm shift in global health. We are changing how every human being accesses, understands, and acts on their health and in doing so will dramatically improve healthcare access, outcomes and costs.

Join us and build a better future.