Job description

Delivery Lead

Oxford, UK

Delivery at Osler is about getting things done. The Delivery Practice provides support to multidisciplinary technical teams in planning and execution of product development and research goals. Working closely with Osler’s scientific, engineering and commercial teams, we drive delivery through translation of top line R&D objectives into what we do and how we do it.

£60,000 - £75,000

We seek to develop and implement the most effective ways of planning and tracking to enable delivery of a fast-paced product development programme. This means being creative in our approach, in our use of project management tools and methods, and in the ways in which we behave and work, to coordinate delivery of complex goals.

Our delivery principles and practices are agile, adaptable, and bespoke to our teams and the work we do. We provide a supportive framework to promote collaboration, communication and innovation. We work with the team and for the team, as facilitators and coordinators to provide clarity about what needs to be done and when.


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